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Extraordinary Talent for
Consulting Firms and Software Companies

 Your Business is our Mission 

Flycast represents you in the competitive talent marketplace.

We support your whole business by placing C-Suite executives to recent graduates.  

If you are a consulting firm or a software company adding excellence to your team, we can help! 

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What We Offer


Consulting firms, this is for you.

As a small or mid-sized consulting firm, you face specific hiring challenges.  You need to distinguish your brand, deliver your unique message and organize an effective  recruiting strategy. You succeed at hiring when you engage a dedicated team with the skills and resources to support you.  

Flycast applies experience gained from many years building practice areas and placing individuals with multibillion-dollar global firms.  We have taken lessons learned from those relationships and adapted them to help challengers compete most effectively for great talent. 

Regardless of level, industry, function, geography or niche, we have tools you can use to hire the professionals you need.

Software companies, this is for you.

As an entrepreneurial software company, you compete to create, deliver, market and raise funds for your product.  You also compete for the best talent who will form the backbone of your success. 

You have already done a great job hiring from your own network but there are gaps, and that is where we can help.

We provide recruiting services that span levels and functions; from the C-Suite to the dev team to management to sales to customer success. 

We offer two models to help companies take off quickly, even if their budget is limited.


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