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Jason G. Sanders

Founder and Managing Director

Jason Sanders founded Flycast Executive Search based on the premise that small and mid-sized organizations have different needs than larger ones and require a different search model. He worked with name-brand global organizations for many years before changing the focus of the firm and dedicating himself to consulting practices and growing software companies. He has worked across industries and functions and has helped companies striving to make their mark in their own niche. Creativity and the ability to attract talent are hallmarks of his success.

Jason started his career as a historian and left that profession to join the family executive search business. Over the course of his career, he has placed hundreds of professionals including CEO and C-Suite executives, as well as mid-level, junior level, and support personnel.

Jason holds masters’ degrees from Brandeis and Binghamton Universities and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Vermont. He is a mountain biker, hiker, language learner and video gamer currently residing the coffee region of Colombia.

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