Make Your Networking Calls Count:

A step by step approach




I wanted to thank you again for coming to the office and sharing your presentation yesterday. The feedback was as positive about you as a presenter as it was for the content of the presentation itself. Your talk was one of the most well attended of our Special Events and the staff is still chatting about it. It was an honor for our community to be able to hear your ideas.

– N.K. New York, NY

Thank you so much for your amazing presentation. You’ve been involved in two absolute home runs in 2 weeks with Right Management Consultants! Very, very powerful advice- thank you, truly.

– Jay Younsoo Kim, New York, NY

“How to Market Yourself” is an excellent training program! It was hands on and therefore it was very effective. Congratulations!

– Clarita Garcia, Rockaway, NJ

I had the opportunity to be at the Bergen FENG meeting. The presentation was well organized and showed us how to get yourself noticed quickly by introducing yourself in a clear, concise, organized manner, by stating who you are, and what you want.

I used the techniques presented the following day to get an interview!  

– Keith Brigley, Cresskill, NJ

Jason, your presentation was motivating. Thank you for sharing a new way to look at Marketing Plans, and for providing new ideas on the 15-second message. I will no longer call it a pitch!

I tried my new 15 second message today incorporating your suggestions. I was at a professional organization meeting. The moderator said my explanation of what I do was excellent. I am the only person she mentioned that to, and that is the first time I received such feedback on my message.


– Kathy Pasquale, Northern New Jersey

I have found Jason’s seminar on how to develop networking skills very useful. He clearly explains through practical exercises how to develop your own personalized pitch while making it interesting and easy to remember for people you meet. Jason uses a combination of proven innovation techniques to keep energy level and creativity high among his audience so as to maximize their ability to develop their own story.

– Thierry Garrier, Global Marketer, FMCG / Healthcare industry

You are a Rock Star!

– Jackie, Central New Jersey

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