The Benefits of Podcasting for Management Consultants

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I was at a small business seminar last week with about 400 other entrepreneurial business people. One of the speakers asked the audience how many of us have blogs and about 50% of the people in the room raised their hands. He asked how many had published a book and there were still about 100 hands raised. Then he asked how many people had a podcast and not a single hand remained.

When you hear about content marketing, writing books and even video are mentioned, but podcasting typically takes a backseat. It’s actually very easy to create a podcast. Step one, record some audio. Step two, upload to iTunes.

Podcasting offers an interesting avenue for business development. You can get the word out about your services and it gives you access to prospects that you may be interested in selling to. How? It gives you a great excuse to ask for an interview with a potential buyer of your services. I have had success using this method when I created a blog-based interview series for a former employer.

Here are a couple of examples of podcasts to get the ideas flowing:

Glenn Gow’s – Moneyball for Marketing – Also available on iTunes

Management Consulting News Podcast Series – Great content and advice

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