McKinsey and the Shame of Rikers Island

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September 16, 2014
If you have ever watched an episode of Law and Order, you will have heard something about “a one way ticket to Rikers.” Rikers Island is the name the largest correctional facility run by the City of New York. It has a budget of $860 million a year, a staff of 9,000 officers and 1,500 civilians to control an inmate population of 12,300. according to Wikipedia. It was rated one of the 10 worst prisons in the country by Mother Jones Magazine.

While it’s not hard to believe that any jail would come under fire for the way it treats its inmates, I was surprise to read that a strategy consulting firm would be engaged to study the problem. What do you think of New York CIty’s choice to hire McKinsey?

Here’s an article in the NY Post, The shame of Rikers by Post Editorial Board

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