Increase your chances of making partner using these 5 tips

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Odds in Your Favor Pie Chart Advantage is a terrific site to follow if you are a management consultant, recruiter or tax/audit professional interested in the top firms. Tons of articles, research and job postings to help you move your career along. They offer twice daily updates and this one caught my eye when it hit my email:

Heather Townsend, co-author of How To Make Partner And Still Have A Life and The Go-To Expert, shares 5 tips based on her recent experiences of helping her client successfully get appointed to a partnership position in a top 5 firm in the UK.

1. Spend time BEFORE you get into the partnership admission process to strengthen your business and personal case for partnership.

A huge mistake to make is to consider that all you need to do is rock up to the partnership admission process, cram for the interviews and that is all you need to do. (In a recent post I discussed why you ignore your personal case for partnership at your peril.)

Before you actually get onto partnership track it is worth spending time working on and building up your business case and personal case for partnership. Very often it is those professionals who have invested in building up a business case, i.e. a strong personal brand and growing client portfolio, who will find that they get their career accelerated through to partnership. With partner numbers still dropping in the professions, making partner is becoming harder and harder.


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