Huron To Buy Threshold Consulting

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October 2, 2014

Earlier this week, Huron announced their intention to acquire Threshold Consulting, Florida-based consultancy offering data warehouse development, management, and OLAP solutions. That makes Huron’s third acquisition this year.  They also acquired Vonlay and The Frankel Group earlier this year. Clearly a company on the move!

This year’s consulting activity, which I outlined in an August report, got me thinking about the relative lack of attrition that we have seen in the wake of these transactions. As a recruiter, I remember how excited our team got when we heard the announcements of EDS’s acquisition of AT Kearney, IBM’s acquisition of PwC, and Cap Gemini’s acquisition of Ernst & Young to name a few. Granted, these were larger transactions, but it still seems that consulting firms have gotten better at integrating their new additions.

It would be great to hear an insider’s view, so if you have been involved in one of these transactions, please share your experiences!

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