Accenture’s North American CEO acknowledges talent scarcity

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Wall-of-faces-300x300Stephen Rohleder, Accenture’s Chief Executive for North America, recently discussed his company’s daunting goal of hiring 5,000 people over the next year. Here are the main points from his interview withConsulting Magazine.

  1. The most interesting revelation comes at the end of the article, where Rohleder acknowledges the increasing scarcity of talent. He plans to collect comprehensive analytics about talent supply and demand and push information our more effectively to job seekers. Social recruiting anyone?
  2. He also sees a decrease in the standard of living over the next 15 years, but believes this may be addressed through the social recruiting that he mentioned earlier. Not much detail here, but I would love to hear more about this topic!

Two other main points:

  1. Growth will take place through organic hiring and acquisition, primarily in the banking and mortgage processing specifically, as well as insurance, health care and life sciences sectors.
  2. Social media, mobility, analytics, digital marketing and the cloud stand out as drivers of change within those industries.

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